Wescobee Gives Itself a Facelift

Same great brand, fresh new look!

By late 2014, consumers will have noticed that Wescobee Honey has made a number of simple label changes. The changes are being made to refresh and rationalise its look across the entire range as well as re-introducing elements of its more than 85 year brand heritage to consumers.

The changes to the label include:

·         A slightly ‘cleaner’ italic treatment to the cursive Wescobee logo and the re-introduction of the company tagline “Original Western Australian Honey Co.”,

·         The Wescobee Bee has become black and yellow facing in the direction of the logo,

·         A clean, white space has been adopted at the top of the label for easier brand and logo recognition


The label changes have aimed to preserve some of the existing attributes of this famous West Australian brand including its signature red and white check, the red Wescobee logo and the look of its bee character.

The final solution evolved over dozens of variations and much feedback and concept testing.  Consumer and retail feedback on the changes implemented have been very positive to date.