Organic Honey

Wescobee is pleased to announce the introduction of its Certified Organic Honey product packed in a 500g size.

‘Organic’ is a term used to indicate that a product is produced in a way that cares for both the bees and for the environment:

Organic certification is an audit and inspection process which allows enterprises to be verified ‘organic’ by a credible independent organisation. All inputs are of natural origin, the product is free from man-made chemical contaminants and produced in areas of native forest away from agriculture.

Wescobee’s Organic honey guarantees you that the entire production process, including the source of the nectar, forage area of the bees, management of the bees, extraction process, transportation, processing and packaging materials complies with Organic certification.

Organic Honey is produced from hives specially located in wild forests throughout Western Australia. These forests offer an incredible variety of native trees and flowers from which our bees extract a pure honey. Wescobee Organic Honey is produced in accordance with Australian National Organic Standard program.