Honey Crisis Helps Brand Expansion

Wescobee Honey gains national distribution through Coles

After more than 85 years, Wescobee Honey, Western Australia’s original honey brand, is primed for national expansion in the midst of one of the worst honey shortages seen in Australia for decades. National distribution of the famous West Australian brand marks an exciting if not long overdue milestone for the honey producer which will be initially ranged through Coles supermarkets on the eastern seaboard.

Honey production in Australia has been significantly lower this year due to an array of adverse weather conditions in 2013. However Wescobee Honey, which primarily services West Australia and some export markets, has come to the rescue and will help alleviate some of the pressure on retail shelves.

The honey shortage has created an opportunity to launch the Wescobee Honey brand nationally and allow Australian honey lovers to enjoy the great tasting honey that comes out of Western Australia.

Wescobee will be initially releasing its top selling 220g Twist & Squeeze honey bottle for $3.45 plus a 500g Jar of honey for $6.45 in early July through Coles.

Western Australian honey is known internationally for its great taste and clean, natural production environment.  One of the most unique honey varietals coming out of West Australia is the increasingly popular Jarrah honey.  Active Jarrah honey is highly regarded for its total antibacterial properties, like its better known Manuka honey rival.

Wescobee brands national expansion follows recent international success, with new export markets secured for active Jarrah honey in China and Japan.

Wescobee Honey began in 1927 and is a 100% Australian owned and grown company. It is the largest honey packer in West Australia and has the capacity to process and pack over 1500 tonnes of honey per year. In April 2013, the company merged with Capilano Honey Ltd.