Honey is the nectarous and saccharine exudations of plants (Honey Flora) gathered, modified and stored by the honey bee. Honey sold can be either of a single source or of a blend of floral honeys to give a required colour and flavour. The honey shall be clean, practically free from foreign matter including wax, comb and bee parts. The pure honey should be free of additives, noxious substances , fermentation and admixtures of any kind including sucrose and invert sugars.


Viscose liquid, clear to slightly turbid. Free from sediment and chrystallisation (except for naturally set product).


Pleasant , characteristic aroma. Free from foreign odours.


Pleasant sweet flavour, characteristic, sufficiently strong but not distinctive. Free from foreign or objectional flavours. Honey flavours will vary according to floral sources and harvest locations.

Colour and Composition

As per Pfund Scales (a colour meter used by the world honey industry)

Moisture 15 - 19%w.w.b.
Fructose 36 - 50%
Dextrose 28 - 36%
Sucrose 0.8 - 5.0%
Nitrogen 0.05 - 0.38%
Ash 0.04 - 0.93%
pH 3.3 - 5.6
Enzymes invertase, diatase, glucose oxidase
Acid Gluconic Acid
Free Acid 12 - 40 milliequivilants/kg
Vitamins B2, B6, C, H & k
Minerals Potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, iron chloride, silicon, silica, manganese, sulphur, phosphorus, zinc and copper.
Colour Colourless - Red Brown 1.423
Specific Gravity (17% moist 20°C) 175 poise
Viscosity (17% moist 25°C) 2.26kj/kg/K
Specific Heat (17.4% moist 20°C) 5.36 x 104 W/mk
Thermal Conductivity (17% moist 21°C) 5.95 x 104 W/mk
  (17% moist 71°C)  
Freezing Point 1.42° - 1.53°C  
Water Activity 0.5 - 0.6  
Energy 1230kj  

Available Floral Sources

  • Wildflower
  • Redgum
  • Whitegum
  • Jarrah
  • Karri
  • Banksia
  • Canola

Product Applications

The uses for honey in commercial applications performs many functions:
Natural Sweetener Curing Agent Can be whipped
Cosmetics Flavouring Flavour Enhancement
Humectant Pharmaceuticals Colour
Clarification Catering Soaps
Liquid and Whipped Honey Product Applications
Breads Coated Nuts,Popcorn,Pretzels Hams
Sweet Buns Small Goods Infant Formula
Gourmet Sauces Health Drinks Prepared Marinades
Salad Dressings Chocolates Cordials
Nougat Yoghurts Meusli Bars
Cream Cheeses Boiled Sweets Caramels
Breakfast Cereals Frozen Desserts Muesli Cereals
Icecreams Icing Mixes Hot Drinks
Cakes & Puddings Butter Based Spreads Soy Based Drinks
Vinegars Self Saucing Puddings Rice Dishes
Biscuits Pet foods Carbonated Beverages
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